Update On Vendee Globe

Vendee Globe is a tournament that takes place around the world and the solo skipper participants have recently rounded the Cape Horn stage of the race. Every skipper faces several challenges in this sailing competition round the world. Conrad Colman for instance, was happy to have finished the south bound course. He is known as the crazy kiwi when he started the race in the 17th position of the solo race on November 20th.

He has been able to hold onto good speed during this course of the race and covered a total of 3600 miles. Hence, another milestone of the race has been completed by him. He stated that his mother used to use a metaphor when he was small and felt intimidated by homework. She told him that it was akin to eating an elephant and you needed to do it bit by bit. Colman is also known to be the only vegetarian skipper in this race. He has also participated in round the world sailing trips before. (more…)

Whiting Celebrates 50 Years Of Sailing

Penny Whiting, the sailing queen of New Zealand, has completed 50 years of sailing. She started sailing when she was 19 years old and she set to sail on the Waitemata Harbor for the very first time. She has taught the art of sailing to over 33,000 people over the 50 year old sailing career. This is a remarkable achievement by this woman and she has decided to celebrate this achievement in a big way.

Penny will be celebrating the 50th birthday of her sailing school at the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron on 19th October 2016 from 3 pm. She has asked as many students as possible to make it to the grand celebrations, and to make the event a huge success. She certainly deserves all the adulations and the support she is getting from her students and her well wishers. (more…)

Shirley Robertson Talks About Olympics

Shirley Robertson has much to be proud of. She became the first woman who was British and had won about two Olympic gold medals. She was part of two games that she won gold at, the Athens 2004 and Sydney 2000.

She would also be part of Rio Games but more as a pundit in this field than an active participant. She would be part of the BBC team that would provide news about the sailing competitions back to England. She has also been focused upon as many commentators want to know her experiences and what comments she has to say about the upcoming Games. (more…)

Annapolis Yacht Club to operate from City Dock

The Annapolis Yacht Club is all set to operate out of the Harbor Grill restaurant at City Dock at this point of time. According to a memorandum of understanding earlier on Wednesday the club will operate till its new building is reconstructed.

Annapolis Yacht Club

The memorandum among the business owners as well as the city’s planning and zoning department drafts the temporary use of the location as well as carry-over of liquor licenses. The yacht club’s original location suffered more than US$ 9 million in damage during a fire on 12th Dec. Investigators stated that the fire was triggered by an electrical misfunction in an stilted Christmas tree. (more…)

150 years of Toledo Yacht Club

Toledo Yacht Club is engulfed in history. This is one of the oldest yacht clubs located in North America. It was established back to 1865 when 2 rowing clubs merged and started to concentrate on sailing. These day, the club honors their history in a lot of ways.

In the stately building that sits off North Summit Street on a side of Maumee River, the entrance path is adorned with snapshots of past commodores, some of them are very—Craig, DeVilbiss, Gunckel, Potter, McKesson, Luedke and Miniger. (more…)

Wild Oats XI ties up with Audi

The exciting season of Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race will commence on Boxing Day and this year the organizers have received a remarkable response of 119 entries. The last time the entries crossed 100 was in 2004 when 116 boats started but only 59 of them reached the finishing line owing to the adverse weather conditions.

The winner of last year Super Maxi 100ft Wild Oats XI owned by Bob Oately is making stronger preparations this year and has roped in the prestigious German car manufacturer Audi as their sponsor. It was great news to the Oatleys as Audi announced that they would be sponsoring the Race week for another two years. A new state of the art mainsail was flung at the top of his mast that has a height of 45 meters and along with it the logo of Audi also flaunted its mast. (more…)

Extreme Sailing Confirms Russian Team

The Russian sailing sector must be in a grand mood off late- The Russian sailing team has been confirmed by the esteemed Extreme Sailing for its Stadium Racing 2014 tour. It is the first time for the Russian team to compete in such an illustrious sailing championship.

OC Sport, the organizers for Extreme Sailing allows up till ten full teams along with a couple of wildcards. The Russian team is the 11th entry in the prestigious sailing series and would be competition alongside many famous names from all over the world- ETNZ, Groupama France Team, The Wave, J.P.Morgan BAR etc.

Added to Russia, another wild card entry in Extreme Sailing this year  is Team Aberdeen from Singapore which is also known for its constitution of some of the best acclaimed world-class sailors.

Russia’s selection in Extreme Sailing will introduce two of its eminent sailors into the scene of elite multihull racing. One of them is 2008 Beijing Olympic & 2012 London Olympic Laser sailor & Russian national sailing champion Mr. Igor Lisovenko. Igor has been selected as the skipper for Russian Extreme team.

“It’s both a grand opportunity and challenge to be selected as skipper & tactician for the team that would be flying the national Russian flag for the 1st time ever in such highly-competitive fleet”, remarked a naturally excited Lisovenko. “I desire to prepare & perform well for the upcoming June event at Saint Petersburg. But my team members are assuring me that even highest of expectations are completely within our very potential.”

The other eminent Russian sailor in the squad is Aleksei Kulakov, the bowman of the Russian Extreme. Kulakov is a highly seasoned dinghy sailor & one of the most renowned among the top 49 sailors of the country. He has contended with Synergy Sailing Russian team in RC44 class.

Faget Leads Fleet

Benz Faget seems to have cashed in on his home advantage to lead the twenty-five boating fleet at Midwinter J/22 Championship.

Hosted by New Orleans based Southern Yachting Club, Benz topped Fats to every top 4 finish in the 9 race series. With crewmembers like Randall Richmond at bow and Devon Sweeney at cockpit, the local sailing squad tallied just twenty-two points. Doyle’s Jug 41 claimed the silver status with thirty-four points. Zak Fanberg’s local team Wild Tchoupitoulas came in top 3 with forty-five points.

“These lads are a fantastic squad together”, stated Faget while asked to share his opinion about the last win. The team leader was all praise for his crew at the recent feat and he took them as a great binding force for the triumph. “And there is nothing comparable to sailing around your very own backyard. Faget also mentioned about their consistency in performance all through which he felt had been a major factor behind the win. The team also displayed a strong performance at the previous J/22 World that took place at Newport last year.

Lake Pontchartrain featured light breezes yesterday, between five to six knots. It was the local contenders who were found as the most dominant for the day. Apart from Benz’s team, there was the La Jolie Vie squad of David Loeb that came up victorious in the first race yesterday.

Fast Company (Richard Heausler) came second & Faget was the 3rd. it was Wizard (Chip Carpenter) that snagged the victory in next contest and was trailed by dliii and Faget’s team. Faget closed the race with a sharp bullet as Supper Club & Fanberg followed.

The top five winners at the championship were- Faget, Chris Doyle, Zak Fanberg, Kevin Doyle & Terry Flynn.

Shevelan Presented An Award

Royal Yachting Association (RYA) held its Annual Volunteer Awards on November 21st 2013. The awards were held in London (One Great George Street) and Princess Anne was the guest of honor in the Volunteer Awards 2013. She presented the awards to around forty-three volunteers whose contribution to sailing has been commendable.

Dennis Shevelan (seventy-four year old) was one of the volunteer who was honored at the Volunteer Awards 2013. He received the Royal Yachting Association Lifetime Award from the Royal Princess Anne who is actually the President of RYA. Mr. Shevelan belongs to the Bolton Sailing Club. The members of the club nominated him for the Lifetime Award. He was awarded a certificate and commemorative medallion.

Mr. Shevelan said he was shocked when he was told that he will be receiving such a prestigious award. He has been associated with the sport ever since the mid 1980s. He joined the introductory classes to the sport with his wife and later on remained dedicated to sailing.

At the Bolton Sailing Club, Mr. Shevelan does maintenance work for three days in a week and Friday evenings he tutors young sailors. He enjoys his work and is a very humble person.

Dennis Shevelan also said that Princess Anne is a very pleasant person and he enjoyed the luncheon with her as it was really comfortable to have conversations with her. She knew a lot of things about boats and sailing so that was indeed impressive, added Mr. Shevelan.

Chief Executive of Royal Yachting Association, Sarah Treseder is of the opinion that great people like Dennis and other winners of the RYA Volunteer Awards 2013 inspire sailors and other people related to the sport in a lot of ways. She was very happy that the dedication and hard work of Dennis Shevelan was recognized by RYA.

2013 Championship Of Champions

Championship of Champions 2013 organized by the Columbia Sailing Club came to a dramatic end on Sunday, 27th October, 2013. In totality, sixteen races had to be held in order to determine the Jack Brown Trophy’s winner this year. There was cut-throat competition between three teams during the last two races of the US Sailing’s annual Championship of Champions.

Before the last two races took place, Brian Keane with crew members Victor Diaz De Leon and Steve Hunt was 3 points ahead of Betsy Alison and her crewmates Laura Jeffers and Will Jeffers. Skip Dieball and his team members Abby Freeman and Tom Starck stood fourth in the overall standing as the team was seven points behind Betsy Alison’s team.

Lee Sackett won the second last race (Race 15). Betsy Alison stood third in Race 15. On the other hand, Brian Keane stood fourth and Dieball stood thirteenth in Race 15.  At the end of the second last race, Alison was 4 point behind Keane and Dieball was eleven points back in the overall standing.

The last race (Race 16) of 2013 Championship of Champions was won by Skip Dieball. Keane came second in Race 16, followed by David Starck who came third.

Brian Keane won the 2013 Championship of Champions as he was ten points ahead of Alison and Dieball at the end of all the 16 races. Dieball’s team stood second in the overall standing, followed by Alison’s sailing team.

Keane said that since they had not raced Lightnings in the past, they took some time to get acquainted with it. According to him, Lightnings was not just about sailing quickly but also understanding the wind and effective tactical positioning.

Indeed it was a very proud moment for the 2012 J/80 North American Championship winner, who thought that it was an honor to compete with such strong contenders like Alison and Dieball.