For Students Of Detroit In Yacht Club Sailing Is The Teacher.

For the volunteers of Swanage RNLI, it’s been a busy few days.

On 1st of August the fourth call was received by the team out in four days. At this time the all weather lifeboat (ALB) was given the task to assist a 38’ yacht, it was the yacht that had suffered failure of steering failure off St Albans Head. The yacht broadcasted a ‘Mayday’ and by the passing vessels, it was taken in tow. To take the yacht to the place of safety, extra help was needed; therefore the request was made for the lifeboats to take over the tow.

The lifeboats were launched and it met up with the two vessels at east of Durlston Head. A crew member of the yacht was put aboard and released the towline. The towing vessel was thanked and it began its passage. The crew member of the lifeboat who was on the yacht requested for help from another crew member and the equipments of first aid as one of the crew members of the yacht was complaining shortness of breath and chest pains.

The yacht was then towed towards Poole Harbor. The condition of casualty improved, thus the two worked at good speed with the flood tide. However, when the two boats neared the entrance to Poole Harbor the condition casualty started deteriorating all of sudden. A request was made for an ambulance and the casualty was given oxygen. Meanwhile, Poole Lifeboat was requested in situation there was latency in getting the ambulance as the casualty needed to be attended as quickly as possible.

The yacht was then transferred to an alongside tow. After that, the two boats were moved and moored at the ferry landing stage, which is located just inside the Poole Harbor.