Shirley Robertson Talks About Olympics

Shirley Robertson has much to be proud of. She became the first woman who was British and had won about two Olympic gold medals. She was part of two games that she won gold at, the Athens 2004 and Sydney 2000.

She would also be part of Rio Games but more as a pundit in this field than an active participant. She would be part of the BBC team that would provide news about the sailing competitions back to England. She has also been focused upon as many commentators want to know her experiences and what comments she has to say about the upcoming Games.

As she has been part of four major sailing competitions starting with Barcelona way back in 1992, many would love to know what her experience had been. She states that her first experience of the Olympics was akin to wide eyed wonder. She felt overwhelmed by the immensity of the concept initially.

She feels that at the age of 24 when she first competed, having been initially inspired by a trip with Scotland yacht charters, she was not really mentally prepared for the challenge. She states that the first time she came ninth; the moment of clarity came watching other people winning medals and realizing that this was what she wanted to do.

The next time she competed was in Atlanta 1996 where she trained hard and worked on the equipment, but today she admits that there might have been certain mistakes that led her to coming forth. She says that she had made a couple of mistakes in the early years and it was hard, every time waiting for the next Games to come up and pushing your budget. She also trained and left time for other things. These things, along with lots of expectations often led to her falling short of the first position.