2013 Championship Of Champions

Championship of Champions 2013 organized by the Columbia Sailing Club came to a dramatic end on Sunday, 27th October, 2013. In totality, sixteen races had to be held in order to determine the Jack Brown Trophy’s winner this year. There was cut-throat competition between three teams during the last two races of the US Sailing’s annual Championship of Champions.

Before the last two races took place, Brian Keane with crew members Victor Diaz De Leon and Steve Hunt was 3 points ahead of Betsy Alison and her crewmates Laura Jeffers and Will Jeffers. Skip Dieball and his team members Abby Freeman and Tom Starck stood fourth in the overall standing as the team was seven points behind Betsy Alison’s team.

Lee Sackett won the second last race (Race 15). Betsy Alison stood third in Race 15. On the other hand, Brian Keane stood fourth and Dieball stood thirteenth in Race 15.  At the end of the second last race, Alison was 4 point behind Keane and Dieball was eleven points back in the overall standing.

The last race (Race 16) of 2013 Championship of Champions was won by Skip Dieball. Keane came second in Race 16, followed by David Starck who came third.

Brian Keane won the 2013 Championship of Champions as he was ten points ahead of Alison and Dieball at the end of all the 16 races. Dieball’s team stood second in the overall standing, followed by Alison’s sailing team.

Keane said that since they had not raced Lightnings in the past, they took some time to get acquainted with it. According to him, Lightnings was not just about sailing quickly but also understanding the wind and effective tactical positioning.

Indeed it was a very proud moment for the 2012 J/80 North American Championship winner, who thought that it was an honor to compete with such strong contenders like Alison and Dieball.