The Warrior Sailing Program

The Warrior Sailing Program is a novel, sailing program where it helps veterans and military personnel to learn the sport where they come in with varying disabilities.

The program includes a basic competition, which is being organized along with the San Diego Yacht Club. There would be a training camp that would be intense and for three days. Here the skills of sailing are taught where the competitive spirit is harnessed along with teamwork and a sense of camaraderie. The program was organized at the Malinnham Sailing Center of SDYC. Here there were practical as well as classroom sessions held with J/22 category of sailboats.

The program has the ultimate aim of developing a team unit that will have an experienced coach. With the high coaching levels, it is expected that the graduates will showcase outstanding performance at the end of the program. Warrior Sailing was formed by the director of the USMMA Sailing Foundation who has also been a veteran in the America’s Cup, Ralf as well as his partner Jen French who has been a Paralympic silver medalist. They formed this program to be able to give back to service members who are wounded and to help them find a vocation that is therapeutically healing.

This year would be the second year for this training camp. SDYC would be welcoming back many of the former veterans in the program. Graduates who complete the training camp will be able to move to advance training sessions. There would also be unique opportunities to sail as offered by the USMMA Sailing Foundation. The WSP program formed by this foundation offers technical and organizational expertise. There is introductory level sailing training provided along with world sailing opportunities. Programming is being done with sailing community collaborations and getting funding from supporters of the program. The program looks to inspire participants to gain a new outlook.