Update On Vendee Globe

Vendee Globe is a tournament that takes place around the world and the solo skipper participants have recently rounded the Cape Horn stage of the race. Every skipper faces several challenges in this sailing competition round the world. Conrad Colman for instance, was happy to have finished the south bound course. He is known as the crazy kiwi when he started the race in the 17th position of the solo race on November 20th.

He has been able to hold onto good speed during this course of the race and covered a total of 3600 miles. Hence, another milestone of the race has been completed by him. He stated that his mother used to use a metaphor when he was small and felt intimidated by homework. She told him that it was akin to eating an elephant and you needed to do it bit by bit. Colman is also known to be the only vegetarian skipper in this race. He has also participated in round the world sailing trips before.

However, every trip is special in such tournaments. As with other skippers Conrad also feels relieved that circumnavigation part of the competition is over and only the transatlantic part of the course is left to be maneuvered. It’s not as easy as Chartering in Croatia!

Colman has stayed passionate about technology that guarantees no emissions and pollution by sailing boats on the waters. He has focused on renewable energies and using the same for sailing competitions. His boat named Foresight Natural energy makes use of an electric motor that generates power through a propeller. The propeller generates electrical power that is stored in nine batteries. Colman also has solar panels that are on the main sail. His boat has a hydro generator to provide backup energy. Hence, the sailors of Vendee Globe definitely set trends for energy saving sailing formats as the take part in this epic competition.