Whiting Celebrates 50 Years Of Sailing

Penny Whiting, the sailing queen of New Zealand, has completed 50 years of sailing. She started sailing when she was 19 years old and she set to sail on the Waitemata Harbor for the very first time. She has taught the art of sailing to over 33,000 people over the 50 year old sailing career. This is a remarkable achievement by this woman and she has decided to celebrate this achievement in a big way.

Penny will be celebrating the 50th birthday of her sailing school at the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron on 19th October 2016 from 3 pm. She has asked as many students as possible to make it to the grand celebrations, and to make the event a huge success. She certainly deserves all the adulations and the support she is getting from her students and her well wishers.

Whiting said that she was very much excited that she has completed 5 decades in sailing and running her sailing school. She is looking forward to celebrate it in a big way with some of her most favorite past students who have done her proud with their sailing skills and abilities, on a weekend with Largs Bareboat Yacht Charter.

Her school sets standards on how to teach sailing in Auckland. She was born the very morning of the Auckland Anniversary Day regatta event and there is no doubt that she would take sailing as her career. Penny Whiting Sailing School is very popular in Auckland and Penny is having on her own trained thousands of new sailors to take up this sport.

Penny has driven many of her students to become boat owners and sailors. She is a very popular sailing mentor for both male and female students of all ages. She drives with confidence in the minds of the students and teaches them the art of the sport through her fun filled and down to earth approach.